disinfection guidebook

Provided by Lisa Dowling BA, R Ac

This information was collected and compiled based on scientific study, and recommendations from the WHO and the CDC on methods of disinfection.

Are you cleaning your cups properly? 

Did you know that most cupping instructors and schools are teaching insufficient and inaccurate information on cleaning and disinfecting cupping and gaua sha devices?

  • The Centers for Disease Control, require devices that are in contact with blood and body fluids as semi-critical medical devices.
  • According to the a study performed at Beth Jerusalem Hospital in New York, cupping and gua sha devices showed microscopic amounts of Blood, even with light treatment.
  • High Level Disinfection is the safest and most appropriate cleaning method for your cupping and gua sha devices
  • There are a few products that produce high level disinfection, that are safe to use on your cups and gua sha devices and won't damage them. It is NOT bleach 
  • Learn the correct way to disinfect your cups and gua sha tools step by step and keep your clients safe from the transmission of communicable diseases, bacteria, mold, virus, fungus, virus and spores.

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